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Welcome to CalRoute, the California Department of Transportation’s new route clearing database. In an effort to improve efficiency and provide customers with the most current safety information, the new routing website reflects LIVE up to the minute changes to structure ratings and clearances as well as updates to short term restrictions for routing oversize or overweight loads along California State highways.

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Browser compatibility:
Please use the most current version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser in order to view the routing website. Other browsers are not currently supported.

Note that you will need to enable popups to make sure this site works correctly for you.

To enable popups for Firefox:
Open the Firefox menu, select Options, select the Content tab. Click the Exceptions button in the 'Block pop-up windows' section. Enter '' and click OK.

To enable popups for Chrome:
Open the Chrome menu, select Settings, scroll to the bottom and click the Advanced Settings link. Scroll to the privacy settings section, Click the Content Settings button, scroll to the Pop-up section. Click the 'Manage exceptions' link. Enter '' and click OK.

Training Videos:
Click on the links below for videos to get you started in CalRoute.

Accessing and Browsing the Route Clearing Database
Browsing the Route Clearing Database (with CC Capability)

Building a Route
Building a Route (with CC Capability)

Building a Route with Detours, Summarizing, and Printing in the Route Clearing Database
Building a Route with Detours and Printing (with CC Capability)